Hand-Embroidered Quilt Label

By Eloise Wagers 

It is important to make a personalized quilt label to document the maker and the story of the quilt.

Hand embroidery is the most durable way to make a quilt label last for future generations to know the quilts’ story…a gift for a birth announcement, graduation, wedding, anniversary, etc.


  • Clover Embroidery Hoop (Art. No 8812)
  • Gold Eye Embroidery Needles-No. 3-9 (Art. No 235)
  • Embroidery Threader (Art. No 8611)
  • Tracing Paper “Clover Chacopy” (Art. No 434)
  • Water or Air Erasable Markers
  • Optional: Eraser Pen (Art. No 518)
  • Mini Wonder Clips (Art. No 3188)
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Fabric (10×10″, cotton, solid color)
  • Optional: Patterned fabric for trim
  • Backing
  • Scissors



  • Start with a 10 x 10 inch square of fabric
  • Cotton best in a solid color
  • Hand wash to remove fabric sizing and soften
  • Press when slightly damp with iron


  • Start with right side of fabric facing up
  • Select tracing paper color to show on fabric…test on corner
  • Place color side of tracing paper to right side of fabric
  • Lay design on wrong side of tracing paper and center
  • Secure a couple corners with clips or straight pins to prevent layers shifting
  • Trace design lines slowly with ball point pen…to darken go over lines twice


  • Remove design and tracing paper
  • Use your own script to write out your story information using Clover water or air erasable pen…fine point or regular (water if it will be a while before finishing)
  • Or use computer to print out lettering and trace in center
  • Can also use erasable pen to retrace design for visibility


  • Center fabric in 7” Clover Hoop (has cover to keep thread from wrapping around the tightening screw)
  • Decide on number of embroidery threads, color, and stitch to start
  • Use embroidery needles No. 3-9 with extra large eyes
  • Cut a six strand length from floss hank about a yard long and pull out one strand at a time to prevent tangles
  • Most stitches are best using two strands…three strands for thicker look
  • Use one strand for script…back stitch best for lettering
  • Embroidery Threader helpful in threading multiple threads through needle eye
  • Knot end or leave a long tail to weave in later
  • Take project out of hoop if not finishing and store to prevent permanent creases


  • Remove from hoop
  • Rinse in cool water until all marking are gone
  • Let dry and press on a soft surface
  • Center the motif and trim to desired size leaving a ¼” seam allowance
  • If desired, add 1-1/2”sashing strips, binding, piping or turn edges under and press
  • For backing, cut another piece of fabric the same size as finished piece
  • Place backing on front with right sides together and stitch a ¼” seam around leaving in 3” opening
  • Round off corners or trim close to stitching
  • Turn inside out, press and sew opening closed
  • Attach by hand to right hand lower corner of quilt

View project sheet PDF.

View Clover Embroidery Tools.


2 thoughts on “Hand-Embroidered Quilt Label

  1. I posted a photo on the Clover FaceBook page of an idea for a pincushion… a felted wool Leprechaun hat! To embellish it I used a Clover pin that I received at a sewing show in the past. Mine is not completely finished yet, but I thought it would make a fun project for your customers to make.

  2. Regarding labels… I am a quilting teacher and I strongly support making labels! I was the Featured Reader on Nancy Zieman’s blog about quilt labels on January 28th, 2017. I was truly sorry to hear of her passing! She was my hero in SEW many ways! I am a 12-year Stage III cancer survivor, and hearing that her cancer had returned … are the words I fear hearing, too. Love your Clover products…many are within reach in my sewing room!

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